Chrissa Chorvat is an interdisciplinary artist, & holds a
Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.
A master in the art of Borosilicate Lampworking, Chrissa has instructed glass art students with workshops and apprenticeships for over 25 years.

Chrissa grapples with critical theory, and its implications in the realms of both contemporary art, and Modernism.
She is a film artist, illustrator, designer, painter, and sculptor, with a background in teaching art, glass blowing, and art materials research.

Chrissa has written for Glass Art Magazine, Glass Line, Profitable Glass Quarterly, The Flow Magazine. & contributed imagery and tutorials for the Lampworking textbook
Contemporary Lampworking; a Guide to Glass in the Flame,”
by Bandhu Scott-Dunam

Chorvat’s technical articles
on Borosilicate artwork technique
currently reside in the
Corning Museum of Glass archives.