Fine Art

My artwork addresses a multiplicity of personal and social issues, ranging from subjects as rich as sexuality, adaptation, and political discourse. By forming visual narratives that follow my own experiences, I convey my unique view of social construction and critical theory.

French Tips – Oil on canvas-

I embrace an ironic marriage between freedom and structure, by my synonymous interpretation of the two. My work can illicit expressions of intelligence where it exists, often pushing boundaries.
My pieces maintain a fluid view of social construction that comes from the place of my emotional survival. I represent seeing situations in a different light, and transforming the sublime into icons that reflect the subjectivity of desire and power.

The sexualizing of food, war, and grandiosity, have always functioned as a muse, to me. Gestalt psychology swims in my compositions, as if to call out to the viewer by swinging the arms of subconscious familiarity.