Chrissa Chorvat, is an interdisciplinary artist who works in a multitude of bridged disciplines, spanning from sculpture to film to explore the abject nature of sex, gender, and sexuality through a critical lens. She is a pioneer in the medium of Borosilicate glass, developing techniques used by artists all over the world. Her transition from glass to fine arts in the realms of high-art academia sprung forth compositions in a tone that combine absurdist humor, celebration, and subjective honesty, Chrissa seeks to physically embody the acts, topics, and sensations that are often considered taboo in cishetero-normative society. Her thematic foci shift between synonymous presentations of pain & pleasure, seeking to clarify the truth and fiction behind our sexual selves. Her tantric view of the play between desire and pacification spurs sublime allegories of the romantic synonyms between orgasm, worship, denial, and reward. She stimulates her viewers with works of journeys in-between holistic discourses on sexuality & power to scintillating boldfaces of edgeplay as the pure subject of deep-seeded revelations in a world of secret proclivities and the human addiction to meaning.