Verde ‘ y Rojo 7″ x 3″ Working with colored Borosilicate is challenging, as it tends to be very unforgiving when mistreated. Through this piece I was able to mimic the look of the “Softer” glasses. Each color strand had to be individually created and then meticulously applied to the form.

Geological Voglet
The Boxer
Inner Twine
17″ x 5.5″

This piece conveys a similar meaning and accomplishment to “Kerkpietradhu 1″. The two pieces are both in the collection of Bandhu Dunham, and were conceived on the same day. As an homage to the three Masters of glass whom had the greatest impact on the work, the iteration of these pieces are named by blending the last names of Brian Kerkvliet, Bandhu Dunham, and Lino Tagliapietra. The two Kerpietradhu compositions are non-identical twins.

Kerkpietradhu II
Borosilicate Glass
17″ x 5.5″ 1996